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for fleas and ticks and critters of that nature try diatomacecous earth.
works pretty good. NOn toxic , can put in yard , house and on dog.

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DO NOT DO THIS. DE will become airborne and anyone (not just animals, people too) who inhales this will get a coating in thier lungs, like mixing flour and water. So please do not use.


TRUE!! I clean pools for a living and we use DE powder on filters (what it's intended for). It's very dangerous to inhale and is not good for people or pets in direct exposure. You can learn this in any pool chemical class.


Ro K.

When using Diatomaceous earth, make sure you are using food grade diatomacious earth! Since it is so fine you should use a mask when doing your yard etc. This is not the same as what you use in your pool! I have been using it for my three dogs and it works beautifully.


Food grade is great! I feed it to my dogs, and sprinkle it everywhere they go. It can be harmful to the lungs, but a recent study showed no signs of damage in 50 DE miners lungs, after prolonged, repeated exposure. So the risk isn't that high at all! 2% mixture by weight with food is enough to keep dogs free from intestinal parasites.

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