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So I'm sitting here so thankful for this website because I saw this site yesterday and read through the remedies. I was in so much pain yesterday with this boil that I didn't even know what to do with myself. I had my friend go to rite and pick me up ichthammol Ointment and applied it yesterday around 2pm. About an hour ago today 6pm, I was sitting on my couch and moved just a little and nooo pain. I went to the bathroom to check and it drained!!! omg what a relief. Hot showers and the ichtmammol ointment caused it to drain. I'm so happy and felt the need to post on this site and hopefully someone else that has this painful boil can get relief as well. This site helped me so I also wanted to contribute

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Hoping for the same relief, had to leave work early today because of the pain. Don't want to miss any more days. Praying for the drain

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