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I have been suffering from this (nightmare) Bv for about two months now. When i first got it after my period i just figured it would go away after a good hot bath. But that was not the case . The smell was so strong that i would sit in the tub for almoat 2hours. I spent several nights crying not knowing what to do. Then i went to the Doctor & was presxribed Flagyl. The infection was gone for a week then symptoms came right back. I am gettin so frustrated i tried eating yogurt , drinking lemon water EVERYTHING. I pray every night & ask god to heal my body & deliver me from this. I feel this is the home remedy . God can fix anything & ikno that he will deliever me

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God does not exist


You sound very foolish whom ever you are, yu need help. I will pray for you becuss you just do not kno any better. Ikno my god is real & can fix anything , ive seen him do it


Look I can respect religion (besides the fact that you referred to him as you god, like he/she would be an object you could possess)... however a bacterial infection is a medical concern. You let me know how the praying works out. Unfortunately I imagine it will be from sitting in a tub, upset because your god only helps those who helps themselves. You begging him to cure your lady problems when you could find out a little more about your family history, see if the women of your family appear to be more prone to infection, or studying your body.. as opposed to giving up after one pill, some yogurt and lemon water not doing 'the trick'.. would be of better use of your time. Be knowledgeable. And for gods sake, assume he/she has better use of time than to cure your vb.


Who ever you are please dismiss yourself. You aint nun but the devil, & devil you is a LIER ! Go get yoself some help. God is working on me & iknow that for a fact !


Since you have had nothing but rude comments I will post something that might be helpful. No baths. Don't take a bath and if you do take a bath detox with apple cider vinegar. Pinterest and Google have a lot of detoxs for this specific thing that could help you. Only take a bath for 20 mins. No longer then that. I heard putting garlic up there over night can kill the bad bacteria and also physically putting yogurt up there a few times a week over night.


And just like that! God just used you as a vessle to give this young lady some helpful tips! That is how God works! He can use anything or anyone to speak a helpful word into the lives of His children and be a blessing! Be careful how you talk about God and His children, because before you know it...He'll use you for His glory¢¾


Give me a break.


Amen God will us anyone as a vessel for His children. The rain falls on the just as well as the unjust. Im still battling with bv, its time to let him guide me.


Gods a prick if he existed BV wouldn't be a thing. freak.

* Shakes head* probiotics are what you need.

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