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Don't eat hard to digest foods in the morning and at noon. Save it for Dinner. Like meat or potatoes..etc...

Nature's natural remedy: prune. Or drink prune juice! One cup should do. If it is urgent, maybe 2-4 cups. Be ready for when it cleans you out...

Garlic cloves. Eat 3-6 cloves. It will get rid of parasites too if done on a continual basis.

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Mary from Kansas

I tried the prune juice and even though it didn't taste all that great it only took one glass full and I am unclogged. Amen. I have to take medication that causes constipation and didn't want to have to take more medication to get rid of it so this was incredible to me.. And it worked within 5 to 6 hours. Im sold on it. Thank you so much for the suggestion.


uhhhh NO!

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