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rub mustard oil and salt - beautiful results.. it might gv u a burning sensation to gums but is a home remedy that i use.

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cut the bullshit

dear girl,
are you an idiot or what!!! how dare you advise me to use mustard oil and salt? i actually tried this and stained half my teeth!!! you may laugh but it is not a laughing matter. my teeth use to look like
blonde hair but now they look like bright yello cellofane! i am very depressed right now. my boyfriend dumped me because he couldn't stand the sight of my teeth and the smell (i use to have bad breath and now your stupid advice has made it deadly) I STRONGLY ADVISE THAT NO ONE USE THIS ADVICE! by the way you owe me tic tacs! cut the bullshit.


Listen Dear lady,
First of all, this was an advice and if ur teeth were already yellowish, u shud hv gone to a dentist, I just wrote what I use and it din't spoil my teeth. I guess ur problem was a different one.
Anyways Sorry abt everything!


dear cut the bullshit,
no one gives a shit about your shitty love life. besides, you deserve it.


Hey thanks .. and u know what dear 'cut the bullshit' u deserve it, have some manners towards others, now I know y he left u .. indecent behaviour!!


personally, i think you've tried way too many ordinary remedies. you have so many posts on this teeth whitening column that i'm not sure whether to believe that nothing works and feel sorry for you or suggest that you see a dentist

White Widow

I am afraid I am gonna have to agree with the guy above me


this is worse advice you can give to whiten your teeth. Mustard and salt really turn your teeth yellowish, but the best thing it can do it will reduce the sensitivity to cold and hot. doctor advice me sensodine but it only works as long you are using it. however if you smear mustard oil and salt it will turn your teeth yellow for few days but also cure your sensitivity for months.


Dear lady,
you are an idiot.

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