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If you eat something that has an ingredant you can not pronounce, you shouldnt eat it, Also pork is very unhealthy to eat. It causes your liver to get cloged with toxins wich and mess up your whole system. The biggest thing to to try and eat all natural foods, or kosher foods, if you can. There is a reason kosher food is kosher, namly because of the way the animals and plants have been rased and farmed. Also, anything that you know has caused problems in the past, even if it doesnt bother you every time you eat it, you should avoid it like the plague. Like milk only sometimes makes me sick, but because i'm intolerent to it, whether i feel the pain or not, it always messes up my system.

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Kosher foods are not all they are cracked up to be. Many kosher foods have sodium nitrate and other additives in them that cause cancer -- so just because they say they are kosher, doesn't mean they are good for you.


Honestly, what the hell are you talking about.


Pork unhealthy...get real... learn the facts about nutrition before you vomit words...


Come on, This site says REMEMDIES. Not religious beliefs. REMEDY means to cure or correct. May we stick to that? Would have helped me


What is this??!?! This is not a remedy, this is someone trying to spread judiasm through the 'belief' that they're 'kosher' food will cure your stomach aches. And this person needs to get with the times, Pork is okay to consume.


Wow.... How old are you 7? Everyone knows that Pork is Fine to eat, and not all Kosher foods are good for you. Befor you post on a website, be shure you know what your are talking about. You could seriously hurt someone or get alot of people pissed off at you.


My grandmother worked in the main kitchen of a major higher class hotel chain, and always came home saying that the 'kosher kitchen' was so nasty, and she would never eat anything from there, and if she had to work in there she'd quit!


I dont understand...what does it got to do with remedies for tummy ache?i dont see no cure...


It may not have anything to do with a stomach ache but there is a point to it. I am a Gentile but agree with the no pork thing. You should read Leviticus 11 on what we are to eat and not eat. Or pick up the book Holy Cow! and you will get a real eye opener on how safe your pork or beef for that matter is. However, Pepto Bismol works wonders!


Afterthought...Pigs are scavengers as well as catfish, lobster, crawfish, et al. So what they eat or suck off the bottom of a river or ocean, in a pigs case, anything that that is what you ingest when you eat their flesh. No wonder we have stomach aches!
I'm still all for Pepto bismol, though.

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