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Wartly Weiner

I'm currently on day 4 with Apple Cider Vinegar and followed everyone's suggestions by dropping the vinegar on the 2 tiny warts, one inside between my leg and the other on the base of my penis.
Day 1 ... After placing Apple Cider Vinegar (ADVICE) directly on the warts I also put some ACV on a cotton ball and covered that with a bandage. 5 hours I removed and washed the areas. The warts had turned white. I re-applied exactly the same and went to sleep.
Day 2 ... Woke removed the bandages only to notice that the warts were now black and the one between my legs fell off after a very gentle cleaning. PROBLEM!!! I noticed that my penis now had several WHITE spots along the shaft. I surmised my problem was more serious than I had thought. So on day 2 I followed the same procedure only this time I soaked gauze in ACV then wrapped my penis with the gauze and kept it on using a condom that I cut the top out of. I kept the ACV on it for 24 hours only changing it 3-4 times a day.
Day 3 ... OMG ... The base of my penis now was black!!! In fact, nearly a quarter of my shaft was now black! I had a cluster of unseen warts! Followed the same steps until bedtime. After cleaning and getting ready for bed my penis and testicles were on fire! Remember, my treatment is 24/7 unlike most. So before bed I substituted a banana peel for the ACV. Wrapped my raw soldier and went to sleep.
Day 4 ... 50% of the newly blackened area is gone but my penis burns even with only warm water. So today I am giving it a rest.

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Wartly Weiner

Day 4: (continued) Ok, well on day 4 like I said earlier my penis was on fire! I bought vitamin E oil and C (pill form) after a lengthy shower and gentle scrubbing most of the blackened scabs fell off. I continued with a ripened banana peel instead of the ACV and covered my penis with the vitamin E oil, wrapped it in gauze only changing out the dressing 3 times.
Day 5: Still very tender, but now I'm noticing newer areas the ACV is finding warts. So today I went back to the ACV. Only this time I would wrap my penis in gauze and add the ACV using an eye dropper on the gauze. Changed out 3 times through out the day, raw skin, some pain but it will dissipate within 20-30 minutes.
Day 6: Scrubbed vigorously in the shower using Nivia body scrub. 95% of the scabs fell off!!! But here in lies the rub ... Just because the scab falls off does NOT mean you destroyed the wart!!! I've read on here that many claim once the scab falls off your good ... THIS MAY NOT BE THE CASE!!! Remember that these warts develop their own veins for blood supply so don't be fooled into thinking you removed them you most likely did not. This about a normal cut that scabs over, you remove the scab and whats left? Fresh new healed skin? Nope, an open wound suspect to infection right? Same is true when attacking warts! Removing the first layer may feel great but don't be fooled!!! Even if you need a couple days rest, I suggest a banana peel or vitamin E oil to help heal the skin. Then right back to the ACV treatment.
NOTE!!! I only had 2 VERY SMALL WARTS when I started this procedure!!! If I treated ONLY the 2 warts I could visually see, I'd have future warts popping up so PLEASE check all areas for infection!!! Yes it may be very painful BUT you'll feel better knowing your CLEAN and Wart free!!!
Tomorrow is Day 7 so I'll update in a couple days if anyone is interested.


I'm interested! Please keep us updated.

Thanks :)


yes please i need updates if the warts have reappeared after falling off..for how long do i continue acv treatment after scabs fall off


He never updated!!!


Must have worked lol

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