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I have had a chronic toothache for two weeks now that started after I chewed a Starburst. This morning I woke up because it had turned severe. All day today, have used aspirin, hydrogen peroxide & salt water which just seemed to make it worse to the point I felt I would vomit & pass out. My husband looked this site up as I'm lying on the kitchen floor. We had 100% extra virgin olive oil which worked IMMEDIATELY. It's been 1 hour & I'm still pain free. Truly hope this helps.

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I never heard of using vanilla exact I use lemon exact and it burn but works been using for years if the pain doesn't stop it's really time to see the dentist because it's at the nerve


My tooth is hurts so bad that I'm crying.i read the remedy for the olive oil n the pain is dying down. Thank so much for the remedy.Thank God


Hey you tards, answer her question, did you use a Q-tip or gargle?


I'm intrested to know how you used the olive oil .

thanks a million

that shit actually worked thats cool thanks ill always recommend this to people


and the way i used it was just poured a small amount in my mouth hold it over the pained tooth and when you feel better spit the rest out it works


Thank you so much! My pain went from a 10 to a 5 and it keeps getting better. I just gargle it a few times. I mean it's ridiculous, this pain. I took one of my mom's heavy pain killers and I was still crying my butt off. I do this and it works a billion times better. Ugh gotta love this moment where my jaw isn't locking cause of the pain.


Brillant! Put some on a q-tip! Rubbed it on the gum of the afected tooth, had to soak the q-tip a few times, but the pain went away within minutes.
Tried ice,vanilla extract, garlic, nothing worked. But this worked! Woo!

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