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I have had a chronic toothache for two weeks now that started after I chewed a Starburst. This morning I woke up because it had turned severe. All day today, have used aspirin, hydrogen peroxide & salt water which just seemed to make it worse to the point I felt I would vomit & pass out. My husband looked this site up as I'm lying on the kitchen floor. We had 100% extra virgin olive oil which worked IMMEDIATELY. It's been 1 hour & I'm still pain free. Truly hope this helps.

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Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, if I hadn't found this post and tried it I was sure I was going to die. So true it worked instantly!


Hi gud morning. Im looking for toothache pain reliever for may house maid and found this post.How am i going to use olive oil? Do i have to make her gargle it or just put a drop of it to the part that has pain. Thanks...


hi, iam trying the olive oil on my 28 yr old son right now. hope it works, he's tearing everything up looking for something. I do know that if you cant go or wont go to dr/dentist you can go to feed store or pet store and ask for amoxicillin or other for fish, its the same for humans dont say for you though. it hurts because of infection, so you need anti biotics


Just had my husband try the vanilla extract..he said it felt good while he was swishing but the pain was still there..but he's eating a peach right now and the pain is don't know if it's the chill of the peach or the vanilla..or both


Hi. Thanks to the person that posted this. This helped me 100 percent. But I do advice that they should also see a dentist for further treatment. Thanks once again.


Hi im having a horrible pains in my back tooth where I need a root canal done I can't eat or sleep wat should I do about my pain?


My husband's tooth has been hurting him for the past couple of hours and we just tried your remedy and it immediately stopped. Thank you!!!


So do u just put it all over the tooth that hurts?


Hello I am in so much pain right now, that I can't see straight. Did you gargle the olive oil or did you use a q-tip and rub some on the spot that hurts. Please let me know, I am in so much pain it has my head and ear hurting.


What a load of poop my whole left side of my face hurts still

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