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Both my son and myself have been suffering from boils in 'skin fold' areas. Under arms, groin and back of neck. After YEARS of trying various 'remedies' we have found staying away from cotton has proved successful. We suspect it has to do with keeping areas as dry as possible, allowing them to 'breath'. My son seems to think it is a reaction to the cotton fibers themselves. We both started wearing polyester and/or microfiber underwear & tees under cotton clothing and believe it or not .... we have not had any issues since. My son goes to the extreme of 'air drying' after a shower using a hair dryer. Myself I haven't found this necessary. Worth a try as these boils are so painful and such a nuisance and I have put up with them for over 30 years. Finally .... relief!

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the gmo cotton fibers?

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