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I've seen some people have looked for clove oil alone and not find it.

Walmart and a local pharmacy to me both have it BEHIND THE COUNTER so you would need to ASK FOR IT.

I bought my tiny bottle for 99 cents/ Compared to $7-$8 for other kits or gels..

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I would like to know where you got it for 99 cents.

need some now

me 2 because @ my pharmacy its almost $10 for a oz if its a oz


I asked pharmacist at Walmart for clove oil. it is behind counter. cost $6.00 for tiny bottle. However, the bottle should last a lifetime because it is very strong. I dab a tiny bit on a little piece of cotton ball with a syringe and wedge it in the socket and leave it there for an hour or two. it getds rid of the pain completely.

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