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i have had 2 series of warts, but about 15 or more both times. i tried many thigns i got of friends and other remidies, and i mized them together, and found some good working stuff.

1)) get a dandelion(the weeds that you blow with those little bits that fly itnot he air) and make sure you get the stem. open the stem(by like slicing it or soemthign) and it should be a kinda wet sorta inside. Rub the inside over ur feet for about a week, and about twice a day. i tired this for the warts on mi toe, they have gone!

2) dont let the air get to it. the only time air should get to the wart is in the baht/ shower. you shpuld have a dialy shower, and when doign so, wash the wart throughorly. i tried this on the warts on the sole of mi foot, it wokred, along with toehr emeidies. put a bandaid or making tape ove rthe wart, make sure it is reguarly checked and helped so the wart cant brreather.

3) a lil spices never hurt. Garlic, onions and patatoes can help., if you eat alot of garlic and onion, then it helps prevent breakouts liek warts. if you rub a misture of grounded onion and salt or a dsliced a patao or a slced garlic or sliced onion over the wart reguarly, it shoudl help.

4)dont pick at it or anything, let it heel in time. a lil' trick my friend taught me is nail polish-preferibly cear unless u want colored feet. apply this, then cover wiht tape. if you cover it, but not to storngly, it will hopfully clear up.

5) a few more remidies are liquids. if ya make some herbal or any time ot tea like berry or soemhting herbal, and rubb the tea-bag around the wart for about 5 mins a day, and then drink the tea-it hlps!

for any more remidies u wann know, email me at !!!

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