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Itchy & Scratchy

I was diagnosed with gh 19 years ago. I don't have frequent outbreaks and I've found that the older you get the outbreaks seem to lessen. This is going to sound really strange but toilet paper almost conpletely takes away the itch and makes dealing with your outbreak much more bearable. You can place a small wad of toilet paper between your lips....a small wad in the opening of the vagina... a small wad in the opening of the anus....wherever you itch. The itching completely goes away for me. The only reason I can think this works is because it keeps the area super dry and prevents sores from oozing on or spreading to non-infected parts. I also only dab myself dry after I urinate vs wiping. The more areas you touch during an outbreak the more likely you are to irritate the area or spread the sores. It's important to change out the toilet paper wads after every bathroom use and to wash your hands thoroughly. This odd method works for me every time but be prepared to run through A LOT of toilet paper!! You all may find it comforting that Dr. Ian Frazer (Gardasil creator) is starting human trials for a gh vaccine. If all goes well, a clinical vaccine could be available in about 5 years.

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I do the same, by intuition, it just for keep dry the zone


I am trying this as I post. I feel better already. Much less itching and burning. It's allowing me to walk normally (without my legs spread apart). I know the virus still has to run it's course but this remedy seems to help.


I found this very encouraging. Thank you! I've had GH for 10 years. the outbreaks have lessened significantly over time. It's encouraging to think that in 9 years my symptoms may be even less or better yet cured!

Thank you again for the optimism and hope!


I pray that God helps Dr.Frazer make the GH vaccine a sucess! Every time i get an OB i come on this website. Reading everyones post helps me feel better and not alone. God bless you all!


I found paper towels work better. They don't fall apart and shred the way toilet paper does. That means no bits of paper sticking all over the place down there to cause more itching. The select a size paper towels are the perfect size that you can fold up and not feel like you are wearing a pad or feel it at all really.

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