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Walderez Vianna Douglass

My JRT was diagnosed with demodectic mange, in one month he is TOTALLY free from this skin condition, with full hair and no itching at all. First we use Cedar Oil from Cedarside, but what I recommend is MITE AVENGE! Works since the first time. The customer Service is excellent, she told me to use QUERCETIN instead of Benadryl and works too.Is one dip after bath and smell like a lemonade or something. Is expensive but save us lots of money and time and the immune system of the dog ( no toxic stuff!)Since then ( I learned on Mite Avenge website I cut all grains from his diet ( grains feed mites ) and I start to cook for my dogs ( NO GRAINS at all, but it's ok quinoa, (seed= protein ), pumpkin pure, vegetables and meat and fruits. They love it! Best part no mange on him,..I gave him vit.C, Echinacea, Milke Thistle and Pau D'arco mix with 100% pumpkin ( can ).

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I'm going to try this my 1/2 lab 1/2 pit has this. The vitamins are they dog vitamins or can I give him the vitamins I take?

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