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I found that a glass of orange juice gets rid of my restless legs. There is a large amount of potassium in orange juice. Potassium assists in muscle contraction and in maintaining fluid (water) and electrolyte balance in body cells. Potassium is also important in sending nerve impulses as well as releasing energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates during metabolism.

Basically your body is starving for potassium so your muscles can work properly. When you run low on potassium you get restless legs.

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You can also eat alot of bananas for this.


I regularly eat bananas and when my blood is tested my potasium is always near the top of the range, but I still have RLS so I am loooking for other causes.


hi... my wife has RLS really bad but the things is shes diabetic....and has chronic kidney disease....ive rubbed her legs for her every night for a long time. Is there other remedies out there? i dont think shes good on the potassium as it makes her ill.
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I heard you'd have to eat a banana 10 stories high to get the daily amount of potassium needed for the body. I've suffered from RLS for years Sinement, Requip and now I'm on Mirapex and it seems to be the best for me and with no side effects...


I Was Having Irregualr Heartbeats and i started taking potassium and it solved that problem and it also stopped my restless leg syndrome which i had for 40 years....

Saylor May

OJ helped my not super severe case of rls


I have an old memory of potassium deficiency being a factor so will definitely try orange juice and the occasional banana. Thank you.


I'm pregnant and on a prenatal vitamin, drinking lots of water, and eating tums and I still suffer from RLS. I have enough potassium intake I'm still looking for solutions.


LADIES try this it worked for me I had night sweats BAD and Restless leg syndrom and a lady I met told me to try 1200 I.U. of Vitamen D once a day and after 2 days both problems were GONE and have not returned.this is god sent information! If you are on any medications ask your doctor if you can take 1200 I.U. of vitamen D if you are a bigger woman you might have to take more. I am 5'5 130pds GOOD LUCK ladies I hope this works for you to! Sincerly,Veronica {}

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