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This works for Hemorrhoids!
1) Buy Esther-C tablets at Walgreens.
2) Buy 50mg of Rutin tablets from VitaminX store or order online from IHerb or GNC.
3) Take 1 ea tablet/day Esther-C
4) Take 2 ea 50mg tablet/day Rutin
5) Within next day, you will be better...and within 2 days will feel great and as the days go by you'll feel like a miracle has happened. NO JOKE...This works!! By the way Rutin used to be called Vitamin P...which our govt took off the market. It was used years and years ago for this very issue. Its also good for vericose vens. You'll see!!!!!

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you wont get rid of them at such low dose. you need to take between 500 and 1500 mg of rutin during a flare up then reduce it to 500 for 6 months so it does not get back or if it does is lesser.

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