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I was getting desperate and like so many others I resorted to the internet. I thought there were probably a LOT of ideas that had great merit and it's not that I wasn't willing to try them but rather that the rash is all over my face. I somehow just didn't think borax powder, bleach or tide would be terribly smart idea near my nose, eyes and mouth lol. I did read though that someone suggested Aloe. OMG! what a simple solution!!! It's not going to cure it, I get that, but just as it does when you have a sunburn or burn from the oven or what not it did actually immediately relieve the deep pain. I way beyond itching at this point and my face is SO swollen. No breathing way issues so far and I do intend to head to the urgent care as soon as it opens today but in the mean time at 4am and sleepless it is a godsend! Good luck to you all :-)

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hope you got it cleared up. So odd that an urgent care place is not open 24/7

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