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El jefe

I was awoken the other night with the worst tooth ache I have ever had. Orajel and Advil helped temporarily. I went to work the next morning and ended up leaving after a couple of hours because the pain was so bad I couldn't see straight. When I got home I was in search of anything to relive the pain. I rationalized pulling it myself with pliers. Lol I rinsed the area with peroxide and held it there for a couple of minutes and spit it out. Then I was looking at the bubble that had formed beside the tooth in the mirror with a dental mirror I had bought at the store. When I went to remove the dental mirror I accidentally hit the bubble and it immediately started bleeding and puss shot out. I began sucking the area and spitting and rinsing with water and kept on until it pretty much stopped. Then I held some more peroxide there for a couple of minutes. And no more pain. The bubble is still there and it is tender. I have a dentist appointment in the morning so hopefully it will get resolved there. (My dentist is kind of a flake, but he's cheap) but for now the pain is gone thanks to Advil and peroxide.

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