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Happy Toes

Thank you to the people who said tea tree oil and cinnamon oil along with cinnamon vitamins it works..... I have tried applecider vinegar, vics rub, soaking feet in bleach and over the counter ointments which none have worked completely because it would come back. I think it comes from having candida yeast in your system because the cinnamon is the only one that has stopped it from coming back..

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I think the type I had totally went away with blow drying my toes after each shower min. 6 - 8 inches away 15 - 30 secs. each foot. moving from foot to foot because it gets hot. I have a ceramic ion dryer that gives dry heat I can tell when I use a regular dryer it feels different. I then used lamisil otc cream on and under nails for about two to three months and continued with dryer ever since. It took 4 months for my big toenail to grow out as it had almost reached the bottom it looks about normal now after 10 years two pill treatments.

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