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Although I liked the logic of remedies found here to cover an exposed tooth nerve with wax or beeswax, there were no orthodontic/braces' wax, beeswax or even candles to be had in my home on a stormy Monday 3am morning.

So I sacrificed a tube of chapstick deciding it would likely be safe to ingest & perhaps wax-y enough to provide relief.

BINGO! After using my finger to smear gobs of the waxy lip balm over my bad upper molar (fr which a filling had disintegrated over the past week), my pain ratcheted down to a 4/5 outta 10. If the gobs run out before I sleep, I plan to pop the remaining chapstick fr its tube & simply bite my bad molar down on the stick of lip balm.

This temporary solution is at least giving that Tylenol PM I took hours ago a chance to work so I can rest a while until I can buy orthodontic wax when pharmacies open.

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