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I've been getting large, painful boils in my inner thighs/buttocks regularly for years. There was never any rhyme nor reason to it, either. I tried keeping track of foods I ate, my menstrual cycle, anything I could possibly think of to see if I could detect a pattern. And there was nothing. It's usually once or twice a month, & there's never been any set time frame in between the flare ups.

I came on here & tried countless remedies to get rid of them once they would appear, but what I really wanted was to STOP getting them altogether.

I read that eating raisins is supposed to help prevent them, so I figured I'd give that a try. The last boil I had was in late February of this year. I started eating raisins every day once that one cleared up. And I'm very happy to report that I had not gotten ONE single boil since then.

UNTIL - I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago & I completely forgot about eating raisins. What do you know? Within one week, I had another painful boil appear.

Needless to say, I'm back to eating raisins every day. I just eat one of those little snack boxes of raisins each day - that's it. I was worried that it might not be enough, but it certainly seemed to do the trick.

So I'd suggest giving raisins a try. It worked for me.

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About four days ago I was at work and I had felt something on my neck that was irritating. My collar was rubbing against this bump and I got a bit worried but left it alone because I thought maybe it was acne. About a few hours later it turned into this white head and just like my dad, I busted the thing and then cleaned it with alcohol. The next two days it turned into this big bump and figured out I was having another boil. This time it was on my neck! Right now I'm taking care of it and it's gone from this huge bump of throbbing, swollen pain, to less pain and it has gotten smaller thanks to hot compresses, ta king hot showers and using this smelly black tar lookin' cream that has been draining it. Hopefully it's good by tomorrow...

whatdotheyknow dot com

I guess it is something to do with resveratrol then. I will search for some products containing Resveratrol as an experiment. Was going to get it from Deciem / The Ordinary anyway for something else.

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