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Ok my odour started ten years ago. You name it I tried it. Sometimes something will work for a few days but it always come back. I'm a woman so I was thinking it could be hormonal. Until I got a abscess on my gum. Dentist prescribe amoxicillin n low and behold the odour disappeared! Well it came back months later. Recently I decided to take the rest of my son amoxicillin. He had five capsules left 500 mg a capsule. The second day on the meds order gone. I have two capsules left. So I decided to delay a shower to see where I stood. No odour what so ever. I talk to my doctor three months ago. N he was suppose to get back to me. Im convinced it's a bacterial problem that needs to be kept in check. Please talk to your doctor tell him what I told u.

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It's odd that it worked because all the reading I have done which had been a lot!!! It's a different bacteria that's why they give flagyl, did you have fish smell and possibly discharge? I'm curious

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