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This acts as if it's a miracle cure for tooth aches caused by infection.
I have bad teeth. Really bad. I can't afford a dentist so I know how bad tooth aches can be. Since finding this remedy I haven't suffered a tooth ache for more than an hour(usually less). The remedy is FRESH clove of garlic.
Slice it into thin layers and place the slices throughout the entire side of your mouth that the tooth ache is on.
2-3 slices usually does it.
The reason I suggest you place slices throughout the entire side of mouth that hurts is because I've discovered through experience that the tooth that hurts isn't necessarily the location of the cause of the pain.
Garlic powder doesn't work it must be a clove and the fresher the better. An old clove isn't near as effective as a fresh one. Warning, it's gonna sting and burn something fierce, but totally worth it. It'll kill the infection thereby reducing swelling and stopping the pain and it'll do it pretty fast too.
It's amazingly effective.

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