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I have been suffering from BV for almost two years now. Like some of you I visited home remedy sites such as this, and while some of them helped, they never fully relieved me of the symptoms.

I recently read where someone crushed Acidophilus tablets into a douche. I took it a step further and inserted the tablet directly into my lovely with my finger as deep as I could get it. It remained lodged and there was no discharge from the insertion. I did this at night and the next morning, there was no odor, nor was there any that day. That night I did notice a little moisture however there was no odor.

I did it again the next night and each day I feel more fresh. Although the discharge and odor are completely gone and do not return at the end of the day I am doing this for a full seven days and will stop to see if it returns.

One acidophilus tablet inserted Into your lovely at night. I hope this helps someone.

What I have tried: douching with hydrogen peroxide (odor returns at the end of the day and I have to douche every day)

Vh Essentials from WalGreens, CVS, WalMart - days of relief equal the number of tablets (6 @ $29.99. Symtoms still returned)

Taking acidophilus tablets by mouth. No change.

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So is it gone for good?


Hi i'm wondering which acidophilus pills to buy. could you provide a website where you got yours? I am having a hard time finding one with the right ingredients.


You could try going to


Do you insert the probiotic with the capsule still on? Or do you break the capsule apart and just insert the powder?

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