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I've been getting boils in my armpit, groin, and buttocks areas for over a decade now and, while they can't be completely cured, there are a few remedies I stick to in order to limit the amount of boils I get and to get them to go away.

When you have boils, you want to be extremely hygienic. This means changing your clothing and undergarments regularly, taking frequent showers, and making sure your bed sheets/blankets are regularly washed with an unscented detergent. When you're taking a shower, use either an antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. I prefer Hibiclens, which is about $10 at Walgreen's. If you cannot afford antimicrobial washes, antibacterial soaps like Safeguard or Dial work well too.

Also, you want to make sure that your body creases (common problem areas) are as dry as possible. Moisture is a typical cause of boils and breakouts, so after showering, exercising, or periods of sweating, apply a medicated body powder to your creases to reduce moisture. You could even use a blow dryer after showering.

If you have a stubborn/painful boil, applying a bit of Ichthammol Ointment (drawing salve or black salve) to the area and covering it with gauze and surgical tape is very helpful. It smells extremely bad and will temporarily stain the skin a brown color but it helps tremendously and the boil should be drawn out overnight. You could find it over the counter at any drug store for about $7.

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