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I burnt myself with a hot glue gun. Not knowing it was still at the hottest it's ever been. I've burned my self many times before, but this time the gun had been on for at least an hour . As soon as the glue touched my finger I peeled I of and it began to bubble and blister , I've never felted this kind I pain in forever!! I made the mistake of using ice for about an hour, but every time I would take it off it would almost make me cry with pain. I tried running water, toothpaste, honey, milk/honey/suger,and nothing worked. At this point I was trying everything . I simply grabbed the Aloe and it soothed instantly! Try it ! It really WORKS!!

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Aloe did nothing with my burn


Aloe worked perfectly!

Burnt thumb

Aloe has relieved it much more than anything else.


I burnt my middle finger when i was adding wood to the fire. I accidentally touched the and it burns like anything. Aloe didnt work at all!

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