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Take 'Rutin 500mg' once daily , drink aloe vera juice/Amla juice 2 times on empty stomach.

and at night before going to bed take 1 1/2 table spoon 'Psyllium Husk' daily

ur piles will be gone within few days and the cure will be permanent.

To avoid Hard stools buy some over the counter 'stool softener'
and use for few days and once u start feeling better, stop taking it
(do not combine 'Psyllium husk' and 'stool softener'
take Psyllium husk after few days,after u r done with Stool softener)

just completely avoid oily and chilly foods

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From where I can find this RUTIN 500 Tabs????


Rutin 500 can be purchased online from's Rutin 500 costs Rs 158/- for 60 tablets. Alternatively,you may purchase Rutin tablets manufactured by Lupin Ltd.which is available at any Drug store in India.It costs Rs 163/- for 10 tablets. Initially take 2 tablets twice daily.Later when the pain and swelling is reduced,you may reduce it to 1 tablet daily


Thank u medha for this precious information ....


HI can u tell me , will it work even for internal Piles?


Is it true or not,this peremently cured piles like internal,please tell me about side effect of this drugs.& Doses information please...


I tried this method, it very useful for me with in one month I can see the changes.. Really thank you.. But little external muscle is still there.. What to do for that completely?


Please tell me that it's will be permanently cured ore instantly relief


Can it be useful for fistula treatment also

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