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I have had warts very bad all over and in my vagina. I had them so bad that my doctor was going to start chemo therapy treatment as he could only burn so many, and they kept coming back. I played around with different solutions. At times tearing and burning up my skin. The best solution I found was take EQUAL parts of AC vinegar, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and water (mix them up all together and use a q-tip to apply 2 times daily at least). Apply to both internal and external. This has taken me 5 months, so you must be PATIENT, but nearly all of them have dried up and fallen off. My largest one was a quarter size! I will swear by this remedy. Good Luck! I am just glad I have my vagina back!

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No name

- Monolaurin 500mg One capsule twice daily
- One a day vitamin for overall supplement (try to find WITHOUT folic acid or folate)
- Folate 1000mcg take with food
WARNING: MULTIVITAMINS for women usually contain 400mcg of folic acid and the Folate tablets contains 1000mcg. DO NOT EXCEED 1000mcg of folate A DAY. Find a tablet that has less folate, or a multivitamin that does not include folate, or smaller amounts. You want to stay at around 1000mcg of folate in TOTAL.
- New Chapter Immunity Immune System Defense (mushrooms) 2 daily
- 2000-4000mg of fish oil tablets
- Eat plenty of greens
- Eliminate Splenda and other artificial sweeteners which are detrimental to your body
- Regular exercise
- Reduce stress, breathing exercises or even yoga. Stress and your immune system are not friends.

Try castor oil and baking soda mix together
Make a paste .it will probably get worse then better later. Don't itch it ! Keep the warts away
From other parts or ur body !

Mary James

Thanks to everyone of you that have shared your stories and how one can treat vaginal wart at the comfort of your home....As we all know...vaginal warts are very much embarrassing. makes you feel low self esteem. feel shame to even naked herself in front of your partner, your friends or doctors.

Firstly.'s very important to pay attention to your body...If you feel something is not right go to the hospital and get it check..
I experience wart for a long time...but I didn't take it to be that serious until it started growing in numbers...When to the hospital and got it burn of...There was one that was forgotten at the lip of my vaginal that started to grow. ...After nd then another smaller one..making it two..
Didn't want to go back at the hospital and go through that entire process again...I started to read the Internet on natural remedies to treat warts....
A lot stuff pop up..ACV (Apple cider venigar)
When to CVS and purchase a bottle. .along with a cotton ball...
First day..I clean the wart..apply the vinegar to the cotton ball and then place it on the wart for like 15 Mins...felt a little burning sensation. .and I apply it again. .This time I tape the cotton ball soak with the vinegar to the wart and it slept day wart has turn back and started falling two that is before I went to be apply it again and it slept on...The burn has increased. .couldn't deal with the pain again. ..I stop letting it sleep over night..Instead I do it Like after every 15 mins..ACV is very strong...and and it took me like four days..warts are gone...and another three days to heal...caused because I allow the ACV to sleep burn my skin..
But I am happy that I used this remedy and at the comfort of my home...I feel relieve. ..I feel's didn't cost me that much all..didn't even spent up to a 50 dollars. .

And thanks to you guys for sharing and giving some of us hope..I hope this will help someone else in the same situation


You need to learn some manners. And when you drink alot of water it hdyartes your pores as well as bringing out all of the toxins by flushing out the kidneys and bowels. Which leads to a healthier complexion.

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