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C Herb
My husband used this on a wart on his hand after the standard wart remover had no effect. The C Herb literally made the wart pop out of his hand. It was the size of a Pea and left a small crater that has completely healed now. There was some pain involved but the process was extremely quick. He applied the C Herb for 2 days and the rest was a waiting period. I think after a week or so the wart was ready to pop out. It is amazing, I'm about to try it on a wart on my knee. I have a bunch of warts but can only treat one at a time, per the C herb directions. Look it up, it costs a lot but you use such a small amount of it that it will last a long time.

Duct Tape
I had success using the duct tape method on a wart on my toe. The wart was on the bottom of my toe and was so large it was changing the shape of my toe! I just kept applying the duct tape as it started to come loose, sometimes using an acid remover before applying the duct tape. This method removed the wart and all of the calloused skin around it. My toe looks completely normal again and it's been a year!

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where did you get the C herb????
Is it a common herb?

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