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I will try an keep this short and sweet...
Had angular chilitus for around 7 months, tried EVERYTHING! antifungal creams in different strenghs, antibiotic creams, natural remedies e.g Garlic, olive oil, tea tree, witchazel, coconut oil etc. Changed my diet to no sugar no yeast no anything! (Candida diet) medicated mouthwash, changed my toothbrush and toothpaste, taken all supplements your body could ever need, even tried the dish soap method which sort of worked to clear up the infection but as the dish/hand soap dries your skin out IMMENSELY (plus i have very sensitive skin) i could barely open my mouth and then they would split open again! besides... having a face covered in vaseline and not being able to leave the house.....not very good for self esteem.

ANYWAY to the important bit!
i actually got the idea from a post on here so thank you so much to the person who suggested SILVER products.

Go on amazon now and search for SILVER CREAM MSM or SILVER SPRAY MSM, the ones ive used have MSM in aswell which helps the cells detoxify and regenerate. I used the spray to clean the area, let dry and apply the cream. Silver has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.....IT WORKED FOR ME IT COULD WORK FOR YOU. It took only a day to start to see a change, but as my case was very severe its taken a few weeks to heal 100%.....Im free!YAY!
hope this helps someone as i used to search the internet everyday for answers :( oh yeah i said id keep this short and sweet... O WELL!

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Hi thanks for the advice, has your angular cheilitis completely gone and do u know if it'll scar? Thanks


hey shan! yeah its gone compleatly! i do still use the colloidal silver msm cream on the area everyday to ensure it doesnt come back... and yeah you probably will have little teeny tiny scars, but that is dependant on how bad it was and how long it was there for. Mine was BAD and had it for 7 months on and off but mostly ON! and mine are barely noticable... plus all scars fade over time. and plus you can eat, laugh, talk, yawn and socialise again without worrying! i hope this helps you, good luck :)

Marcus Queen

Thank you for this very informative and helpful article, you may help a lot of people suffering from Angular Cheilitis. Keep it up !

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Had mild case. Got new it's gone.

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