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i have been battling genital warts since 2012.but during that time in 2012 january i was also sick with tb and thats when i noticed the warts for the first time probably due to my immune system being down.anyway they cleared spontaneously after taking the anti-tb meds.last year 2013 they reappeared and i had laser to burn them off and an anti-viral prescription of tablets to accompany the physical ablation.all was okay until their recurrence this year on it has been a nightmare.i have had laser more times than i can count.i am always in pain.they are everywhere in my vulva and also in my depressed.i recently got a boyfriend and between one of my treatment breaks when i thought the warts had disappeared we had sex.later they came back and now am horrified to know i may have passed infection.i expect to be dumped anytime soon.i told my bf i have hpv but he doesnt quite understand about it since he isnt showing symptoms.i have tried natural remedies n i just experience pain.nothing works.i cant even look at my genitals anymore without feeling like i wanna tear up..please advise

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hey so i am updating my progress now after i decided to use ACV since many of you here swear by it!well after three days of bearing the burning pain of ACV i have no more external genital warts..they just fell also eating alot of fruits..omg this is amazing..i now have hope of getting rid of these little still rubbing my genitals with cottonball of acv everyday just to be sure it dissolves even those tiny ones i cant far so good..guys try acv


I hope you know you can still transmit the genital wart virus when you do not have any warts. You better tell your partners before. You will regret and hate yourself if they get it and you knew before hand and didn't tell them.


did you have them only outside the cervix or inside the vagina too. I am scared and i want to try the acv. 3 days is all it takes to clear up?

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