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I'm trying the Clorox and Epsom salt method. Mixed it together, capful of each. I applied with a cotton ball for several minutes. Burned a bit til I was almost scared. Then..... It stopped burning!! Area was red and tender but no burning. Itching has almost stopped entirely. An hour has passed and not even tender anymore. I also applied a layer of Caladryl lotion. Which is prolly useless but I did it anyway. I'm cured!!! Well, I've had this itchy-scratchy for a week and maybe the cycle was almost complete. The last time I had this poison ivy rash, it lasted almost a month....

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The word is 'probably'. Not prolly.


I've had Poison Oak that lasted over three months. My idiot parents had no idea how to treat it. Got scars from it now & a little spot (looks like a mosquito bite) that will show up occassionally, itch like mad then disappear. And all in about 6 hours.


Used to do the bleach til next found out you can get bleach poisoning

Earth girl

I'm surprised you lived through that remedy , mixing anything with Clorox is dangerous, and no one should ever apply to skin for any reason .

Earth girl

Right on very dangerous

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