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I took 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, depending on the size, from a fresh bulb and after peeling off the outer layer of skin (remove all the white flaky stuff), I used a knife to scrape a thin layer off the entire bare clove, and then I cut tiny slits into it randomly and entirely around it. This is because it is the juice of the garlic that is most beneficial. I inserted the garlic in my vagina before I went to sleep and left it in overnight. Some say to put in gauze if your sensitive but I didn't feel a thing, couldn't even tell it was in there. They also recommend doing that with a string attached so its easier when you remove it. I just scooped them out with my middle finger, and if one was in a little deep I just used my muscles to move them enough for me to get. I did this for 2 nights, maybe 3 I can't remember.
For the following two nights (I'll explain what to do later) I used a mixture inter-vaginally that I came up with after reading a lot of BV home remedy posts. I couldn't decide which one to try, so I picked three things that I felt would work the best and mixed them together. I decided on how much of each ingredient I wanted to make it with from information I gathered where they were used (individually or in another recipe) as a treatment for BV.

-1 cup of plain yougurt, SUGAR-FREE!!!

-2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar,

-30 ml of Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

Ok, so here's how I managed to get it in, if you come up with a better idea, go for it. I rubbed some lube around the outside and just slightly inside around the opening. Then I inserted a cooking tong, the kind that are made staying open and you have to use force to close them together. There was enough discharge that I managed to work it in. It wasn't comfortable but I didn't want anything to get into the mixture that might alter it or make it less effective, just being cautious. While lying down, I raised my pelvis as high as I could, and used a spoon to scoop it in and push it as far in as I could..comfortably. Wish I had a funnel. It didn't feel like it went in enough but it worked. After that, symptoms gone! I went to the gyno a week later, just to make sure that it was completely gone or that it wasn't something else and there was no sign of it or anything else, YAY!! They refused to believe that I cured it that way and gave me antibiotics in case it came back, but I've been good ever since! That was 5 years ago.

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How did you insert the mixture?, in a douche bottle?


No it says a cooking tong?? I think a douche bottle may work better though...

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