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ok so I have a cavity my tooth is pretty much is a hole cant afford the dentist right now. an the pain I was going through was HORRIBLE. tryed everything so but found a home remedie where u just take a spoon full of vanilla extract an swish it around ur houth for about 30 sec an spit. As soon as it hits or tooth the relief you get but be aware that it dose burn ur mouth for a second but so worth it!!!!!

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Finally its late in tired and I couldn't sleep I was getting angry now I feel great!!!!


This did not help me at all. Any other ideas.


So I didn't have vanilla extract but I did have almond extract and geez it burned but we'll worth it. At least for a little while. My problem is deep in the gum so it only helps for about 20 mins. But still I thank yall and the good Lord above!


I had been in excruciating, agonizing pain for over 2 hrs tonight to the point that I wanted to pull my hair out or literally chop my head off and the Anbesol liquid that I usually put on my tooth when it hurts wasn't working. I googled home remedies and found this site. After reading, I tried what I had at home ( being that it was 4am when I got up after reading the remedies, I wasn't going to town at this time) I tried every one of them I could. I made a paste from salt, pepper, & garlic powder with a drop or 2 of water and put it on my tooth for a few mins. Then I rinsed with hot salt water & repeated it. Then, I cut an onion and chewed a piece of it on my good side of my mouth then held the onion on the affected tooth for a few mins, then, I took minced garlic and spread around my tooth and gum for a few mins. Then, I sprayed my tooth and gum with Cloraseptic spray & put a cough drop in my mouth on the hurting side. I also took two 600mg Ibuprofen. I'm still hurting some but my pain level definitely went from a 10 to abt a 2 in abt 15 mins. I usually don't really believe in this home remedy stuff and never try it but I HAD to. I was hurting too bad. I'm glad I did! I hope this helps someone!!


Thanks so much. Vanilla flavor does work. I put it on a Qtip and put it on the tooth with the cavity. Pain has subsided. Will see the dentist very soon!!!!

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