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Alexis H.

I'm VERY prone to eat infections, colds, pnd and strep. I haven't taken antibiotics for an ear infection in years because my remedy works like a charm each time. This also works for earwax buildup and swimmers ear.

Things you'll need: rubbing alcohol (any %- the higher the better), hydrogen peroxide, distilled white vinegar, witch hazel, a small cup, cotton balls and a heating pad or hot compress of some sort.

1. Mix equal parts of all the liquids. It's all 1 to 1. The ratio isn't a science, you can't mess this up. Note: if you find that your rubbing alcohol burns or causes discomfort just add water to the mixture to dilute it a bit.

2. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the solution and drip a few drops in your troubled ear until your ear canal is full of the solution and it will start to fizz and bubble and tingle. Wait until the bubbles stop and tilt your head over onto a tissue or cloth to drain.

3. If you used this remedy for earwax buildup or swimmers ear you are done! If you're using it for ear infection go to step 4.

4. Take another cotton ball and tear it in half. Dip one of the halves in the solution a LITTLE BIT. And drop only a drop or two into the ear you just drained. Do not fill it completely with liquid. Plug up your ear with that same cotton ball half.

5. Lay down in any comfortable position you please with your heating pad or hot compress over the ear with the cotton ball.

6. Sleep! Take a nap for a few hours or do this remedy overnight (works best overnight).

7. When you wake up remove the heat and the cotton ball and drain your ear if you still have liquid in there and voila! Your ear infection should be dried up and drained and you can hear again!

If the ear infection causes you pain this solution and heat should really help but if it's not doing the trick you can take Tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain and/or rub lavender oil behind your ear and in front of it (this is especially effected for small children)

Another quick tip for draining the middle ear is grabbing your earlobe and tugging downward firmly and then quickly pulling upward. Do this a few times. You should hear a popping sound as the liquid drains. And open your mouth really wide to open the eustachian tubes.

I hope this helps you all and can find relief!

Much love and peace <3

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Alexis H

Uhg. So many typos! Sorry guys.

If you have any questions you can email me here: alerehinde at gmail dot com


I will try this. My 10 year old son has been fighting ear pain for several weeks off and on now. Hope it works.

minion paratu

Sorry I tried it , But unfortunately it did not work.I felt bubbling an everything but it was the same the next day .Had to go the doctors the next day and had to take antibiotics. Maybe my infection was to advance I had done this The 3 day.


I do not have an eat infection. I have a ear infection.

Alexis H

^ yea that's why I noted in the first comment that I had typos! Haha oops. Sorry about that!


does these work well without using witch hazel ?

Anonymous about a home remedy rhat people wpuld have jn their hpuse.. witch hazel? Sseriously. Something easier. For all that I'd just go to the walk in visit at a dr.


Witch hazel is not hard to find, it's at any local pharmacy


I highly recommend this. My daughter gets sore throats and ear pain more often than is normal and this has kept me from needing to take her to the doctor. It works for the sore throat also.


This helped thanks, my ear infection was a bit minor but it still helped

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