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One of my favorites(after washing/cleaning if necessary)is to find some fresh pine, fir, cedar, or juniper sap and smear it over cut/scratch. Then to keep treated spot from sticking to everything - cover with either a piece of clean cloth/tissue/napkin/paper towel or powdered herb,flour,cornstarch, etc.

If there's one of those conifer trees nearby the sap (if not already oozing out anywhere), can be obtained by either cutting off a live branch, or stripping away a small section of the bark on the trunk. It usually takes a little while for the sap to run out... sometimes a small cup can be tied/wired up to catch it. Apply with a clean small stick or toothpick to avoid getting it on fingers. It can be left on and will slowly wear/wash off.

Is especially good when cut is in a place which keep being flexed, like on a finger - it kinda keeps it 'glued together'.

Also is there's a thick calloused skin on the edges of the cut taking a small scissors and trimming it down to be thinner will help cut to close and not reopen.

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