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1 TBS coconut oil daily for underactive thyroid.

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Does this really work? it for people that have Hypothyroid too


I also saw that tip in Women's World Magazine.


Yes! This really does work! I've seen it time & time again on people who have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism! And more often that not, they are also able to lose weight once increasing it to 4 TBSP daily.


is it good for hyperthyroid?


Is this Coconut oil safe for children.


Do we have to drink coconut oil or what?


You can drink it, it doesn't taste terrible it just has an oily texture :). Its definitely worth a try!


If you can drink it, it's not the right stuff, it needs to be virgin coconut oil which is solid in the jar, looks like lard and only becomes liquid when heated. the cheaper refined liquid oil is not what you want as its refining process strips the raw virgin oil of all its good qualities. I have been on it a while and am slowly losing weight, however have just stepped it up to 4 tbsp a day, I went on holiday over christmas and didn't take any and came back 7 lb heavier ( and no I didn't eat all that much extra) but now back on it it's come off!


May I pliz know : Does it needs to be taken empty stomach or how?


For those who are in NZ.You may find this in New World for about $13.00 & hardy's as well for $20.00

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