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Have tried all the natural remedies with no result. After praying, and listening to the God who created our ears, I have discovered the MOST EFFECTIVE fast home remedy. Do a salt water rinse. Kind of like how you gargle when you have a sore throat. Mix 1 teaspoon salt to 1 cup lukewarm/warm water. I bought an ear wash syringe online and hold a empty cup under the ear and squirt the salt water into the ear until you've finished the whole cup. Do this 3-4 times a day and in 2-3 days ear is cleared up from being green inside.

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So god gave you a salt water recipe? Hah, thank the Lord that he pays attention to ear infections but not the millions of suffering people around the world. Seriously, leave the flying spaghetti monster out of this, no one cares that you think you can talk to 'God'.


Thank you Jesus


God is great


I believe that God provides us with natural remedies. Jesus Himself said salt is good!

You're an idiot, happy new year 2015

You are a crock. You found something that works for it, big whoop. You know what cures hunger? Eating. Praise the Lord we discovered eating!!!!


There is a difference between using freedom of speech and verbally attacking someone. Congratulations, you just made yourself look like a complete jerk.

Get Real!!

Come on now, Don't attack anyone because they found something that helps ear pain which IS very painful at times. Whether they feel it came from the Lord or anyplace else as long as it something to help others!!


Never 'Squirt' anything your ear. It can cause damage to the eardrum and surrounding tissue.

Stephen Hingley

Don't listen to lunatics who talk to their imaginations. Consult your doctor before using home remedies.


No help here , been having ear pain for 6 days !!!!

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