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To heal tooth root infections naturally, without surgery or drugs, get yourself a medical grade ozone generator. A medical grade OG is one that uses oxygen, not air, for making ozone.

In addition to an ozone generator, you will need an oxygen source, and a one-inch glassware ozone cup for applying the ozone gas from the generator to the skin on your jaw or cheekbone next to the diseased tooth.

I held the one-inch glass cup on the skin of my jaw, next to the diseased tooth, for 10 to 15 minutes, twice, and the pain disappeared. It has been pain-free for 14 months now. This is a tooth that has a crown, and a root canal through the crown. The tooth was sensitive to hot and cold, but it was not excruciatingly painful, nor was there any swelling. For extremely painful or swollen infections, I would expect to apply the ozone for a longer time, e.g., 30 to 60 minutes, 5 or 10 times.

This is called transdermal application of ozone. The ozone is absorbed through the skin into the nearby tissues including gums, jawbone, and teeth. Not only does ozone heal infections and cavities, but it remineralizes the enamel and hardens the enamel. Unlike fluoride, ozone hardens the enamel without making it brittle. You can find more information about ozone remineralization and hardening on the web by searching for ozone dentists.

You can get a prescription for medical oxygen from one of the ozone practitioners listed at the American Academy of Ozonotherapy website. This prescription will allow you to buy a tankful of compressed oxygen from a medical supply house for a small fee, usually about $15. Refills cost about the same.

Or you can buy your own oxygen concentrator, like the Invacare Platinum XL. I bought a refurbished oxygen concentrator, and I am glad I did. No tank refills to deal with.

You can buy the one-inch glass applicator cup for $60 from Promolife.

The regular use of ozone in moderate amounts is important for prevention, not just for emergencies. And ozone benefits more than just teeth. Transdermal ozone on my cheekbones improved my eyesight. My cataracts disappeared (I am 62). A high quality medical grade ozone generator can be purchased for $500 and should be viewed as an investment in your health, not a one-time emergency treatment.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at pryan324 at gmail.

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Can you please give me your exact email? I have a question for you about your home remedy.

Manjitsingh Bhalla

Tooth decay pain, relieved and that also at home without any dental surgery or treatment – pretty good to know. Infection and inflammation generated through dental caries, quite awful feelings.
Although Ozone Generator requires to be coupled with oxygen source & ozone cup, the pain relief achieved through is just simply desirable! Its remineralization feature is openly welcomed as it helps in revitalizing the enamels and therefore strengthening the teeth structure at all – a great post with the greatest substitute!


Thank you but I'm sure if a person with dental pain had 500 bucks on hand they could get the tooth repaired or pulled.

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