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Hi I have suffered RLS for now 11 years, I am 37 years old. At the start I didn't have it for very long maybe a couple of times a week, for a few months at a time, and then would stop and repeat. For about 3 years I had no feelings in my legs at all, (meaning you could stab my legs and I wouldn't feel it) doctors couldn't explain why. I ended up getting the feelings back a few of years ago with so much pain its not funny. They put me on medication. The medication has made me feel like I'm not hear at all and it doesn't even help with the pain and jerking of my legs. So I stopped taking it because what's the point of taking something if its not helping. I rarely sleep and I'm in sever pain 24-7 even after stretches, hot baths, rubbing my legs, I get about 15 minutes relief.
The doctors have diagnosed me with severe RLS. If anyone can help me I would be so greatly appreciated. I have looked at the suggestions and will try some of these.

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try serenity blend esential oil from do terra company. rub it on the bottom of your feet and legs. hope this helps




20 years with bad RLS.Mirapex was helping 80%
but i still have to watch my lifestyle and my dose was increasing over years.Today I am free from pain.Thanks to methadone and people and doctors who share this option on internet.
Now its a 1 year. 1 time, 5mg methadone at 6 pm. Perfect no RLS. Its gone. I can eat anything I want. Works for 24 h.First month i was sleeping longer.Some people need 10mg a day.
I waisted 19 years on Mirapex $50.00 for 30 pills, Methadone only $7.00 for 30 pills.
Do your resource on this, is true and really helping.Some people doing this for
25 years and no RSL, really the pain is gone.
I think this solution is necessary Only for people with severe RSL pain.
Not every doctor do this for you because they don't know.
Methadone 5 mg to 15 mg a day fairly safe and better what any other pills.
but also treatment is working. Good luck.
Sory for my english.

vickie V

Methadone is highly addictive and somewhat over kill. You probably don't have pain anywhere as methadone is a very strong pain medication. I worked for a rheumatologist and we suggest our patients drink tonic water before bed. I think it was 6 - 8 ounces. Tonic water contains quinine which was the ingredient in Legatrin. They stopped putting quinine in this over the counter medication years ago, to my disappointment. It really worked for me. Luckily, the tonic water helps! I don't have any tonight and that's why I writing this now. So, tonic water is way more safe than methadone and not adductive as well. Hope this helps!!

Larry Hill

Try compression stockings in the thigh high style. The higher the compression, the more they help. They do not stop the twitching and tingling in the legs completely but they do keep you from feeling them. I have had two sleep studies done while wearing the stockings, and I was told that I averaged having 40 episodes per hour with only 4 episodes per hour of awakening. Hope this helps-


Tramadol is a life saver for me and works very quickly.


I've recently started taking a heaping teaspoon of raw organic honey right before bed. I've had no symptoms for the last 3 nights. Usually, I suffer almost every night. My brother raises bees and he told me he does this to stay asleep at night and worked. I tried it and it works for me too. I'm so happy.


I tried using max dosage of potassium tablets and this worked until RLS came on very seriously. I looked up Maypole Clinic and studied up on RLS. Taking prescription meds that fool with my brain is my last resort,

I found this website and got a hold of some pot.

It was a disappointment. I read on this site that some people put a bar of soap in their bed. I poo-pooed this idea. Talked to a long time friend and she said it worked for her friend. So I put a bar of soap under my bottom sheet in the area of my calves. Halaajula, it is working!


Regarding my comment, I meant Mayo Clinic

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