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I have been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for 3 years. I went to the doctor time after time and they would prescribe flagyl or clindamycin over and over, which worked as long as I was on the medicine, but it always came back shortly after finishing along with a yeast infection. I had been to the doctor so much, my doctor told me to stop coming unless something else was wrong. She said that some women just have discharge and it's nothing I can do about it. I went to a different doctor and they prescribed the same meds and so on and so forth. I have tried yogurt on a tampon while eating it everyday, apple cider vinegar orally and apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide douche, hydrogen peroxide and water douche, tea tree oil, wild oil of oregano, probiotics...... EVERYTHING!!! Finally, I decided to go to the GNC store to buy weight lost products and ran across 'ULTRA 30 BILLION CFUS PROBIOTIC COMPLEX WOMEN'S' there's a difference between these probiotics and the ones you buy in a regular store or pharmacy. Probiotics place good bacteria (like an army) in your body to fight off bad bacteria. The probiotics you buy in the store/pharmacy places bacteria in your GI tract, these probiotics from the GNC store places bacteria in your GI tract, vagina, and urinary tract. Also the one's in the store have 1-10 billion CFUs, these have 30 billion CFUs. If you try and take 3 pills of 10 billion CFUs, it still won't give you the same results as taking it all in one pill containing 30 billion CFUs. Also the one's in the store contain either lactobacillus acidophilus OR bifidobacterium bifidum. The one's from the GNC store contain lactobacillus acidophilus,lactobacillus gasseri, bifidobacterium bifidum, bifidobacterium animalis, lactis, & cranberry extract.. which means they are more potent and contain more ingredients to fight off the bad bacteria than all the other products and medicines. Before taking my first pill, I had so much discharge that I had to wear a panty liner daily (FYI) After taking my first pill, within 3 hours my discharge had COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY dried up and the dreadful smell was GONE. The next morning I noticed a very small amount coming back so I took another pill and it dried up completely again. Then I decided to take a pill every 12 hours to keep a therapeutic effect in my body, and the discharge and smell have not returned AT ALL FOR 2 MONTHS. I take them everyday every 12 hours like vitamins. I did research and your body can safely have 100 trillion CFUs of bacteria at one time, so taking 60 billion CFUs per day isn't harming anything and seems to be keeping a hold on my vaginal flora!!! I feel great and confident now on a daily basis and also when having sex with my husband. I fought this for years and really wanted to find a cure and I said that when I found one I would share it with the world for all the women who may be suffering like I did. Good luck and I promise if this worked for me I know it will work for you!!! :)

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It's 2017 and your post is still alive ???? Let me start by saying to anyone still reading this or have came upon this post that there is still hope for you. After suffering with BV for many years , and countless doctors, and repeated cycles of flagyl +Diflucan, I've had enough. So like many of you I began to research this topic. After finding this thread I decided to try it out, along with other things I will list here. After going to the doctor for the billionth time and taking the flagyl pills for bv , I of course a. yeast infection and took the diflucan pill. I promise you all I felt like I was literally on fire, it did not work at all. What I learned was that my body was immune to them medication due to the repeated amount of time that I have had to take this anabiotic you out my life. The Second thing that I discover was I had to have a biofilm that was stopping the medication from getting to the spot that need to be here. I am no doctor by no means I am just a regular stay at home mother and I read and watch and learn everything by trial and error as well . The first thing that I did was buy boric acid . You heard me boric acid ???? right now this might sound very scary. as I was scared, when I did it as well. but if you are like me I did do some research on it , and what did I have to lose , I was a chronic suffer for many years. You have to buy capsules which they sell at some pharmacy and they sell medical grade boric acid at some pharmacies as well also I have heard them selling them online. I put the boric acid inside of the empty gelcaps and I inserted those vaginally one in the morning and one in the night for one week Some recommended in two weeks. Avoid sex !!! Until u have this under control, some, use the flagyl twice while using the boric acid. As. The boric acid breaks down the biofilm the medication can penitrate that area. Now this is where this post came in , Now after you have killed off and broke down that area it's time to replace those bad bacteria with the good stuff. As I may know some of us may never ever be able to be free of any type of women problems like me I have a week immune system so I may have to continuously have a regimen. I started taking VHS and shows probiotics with pre-biotics and cranberry and I must say that it was OK but as I was doing further research I found out that I needed a higher strains of probiotics I went out and bought raw probiotics vaginal care 38 probiotic strains from the health store it came refrigerated. Some women mix the boric acid with the probiotics and add that gelcap and inserts either after sex or after cycles or twice a week. Or you may take them orally. I hope this helps someone as your post was the only one I felt the need to say something.


DO NOT TAKE BORIC ACID ORALLY BORIC ACID IS VERY TOXIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as I did not know how to change my previous post above take the probiotics orally and the boric acid vaginally . Or u can mix and insert vaginally.


I'm gonna start taking this probiotic but I want to ask you guys if you go to the dr. and have it checked to see if it fully went away or if just your symptoms got better. I had the god awful smell and itching one day, started taking double the amount of my usual probiotics and my symptoms went away. However, I still went to the dr. to be checked and the lab results came back positive.

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