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Finally Happy


I have been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for 3 years. I went to the doctor time after time and they would prescribe flagyl or clindamycin over and over, which worked as long as I was on the medicine, but it always came back shortly after finishing along with a yeast infection. I had been to the doctor so much, my doctor told me to stop coming unless something else was wrong. She said that some women just have discharge and it's nothing I can do about it. I went to a different doctor and they prescribed the same meds and so on and so forth. I have tried yogurt on a tampon while eating it everyday, apple cider vinegar orally and apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide douche, hydrogen peroxide and water douche, tea tree oil, wild oil of oregano, probiotics...... EVERYTHING!!! Finally, I decided to go to the GNC store to buy weight lost products and ran across 'ULTRA 30 BILLION CFUS PROBIOTIC COMPLEX WOMEN'S' there's a difference between these probiotics and the ones you buy in a regular store or pharmacy. Probiotics place good bacteria (like an army) in your body to fight off bad bacteria. The probiotics you buy in the store/pharmacy places bacteria in your GI tract, these probiotics from the GNC store places bacteria in your GI tract, vagina, and urinary tract. Also the one's in the store have 1-10 billion CFUs, these have 30 billion CFUs. If you try and take 3 pills of 10 billion CFUs, it still won't give you the same results as taking it all in one pill containing 30 billion CFUs. Also the one's in the store contain either lactobacillus acidophilus OR bifidobacterium bifidum. The one's from the GNC store contain lactobacillus acidophilus,lactobacillus gasseri, bifidobacterium bifidum, bifidobacterium animalis, lactis, & cranberry extract.. which means they are more potent and contain more ingredients to fight off the bad bacteria than all the other products and medicines. Before taking my first pill, I had so much discharge that I had to wear a panty liner daily (FYI) After taking my first pill, within 3 hours my discharge had COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY dried up and the dreadful smell was GONE. The next morning I noticed a very small amount coming back so I took another pill and it dried up completely again. Then I decided to take a pill every 12 hours to keep a therapeutic effect in my body, and the discharge and smell have not returned AT ALL FOR 2 MONTHS. I take them everyday every 12 hours like vitamins. I did research and your body can safely have 100 trillion CFUs of bacteria at one time, so taking 60 billion CFUs per day isn't harming anything and seems to be keeping a hold on my vaginal flora!!! I feel great and confident now on a daily basis and also when having sex with my husband. I fought this for years and really wanted to find a cure and I said that when I found one I would share it with the world for all the women who may be suffering like I did. Good luck and I promise if this worked for me I know it will work for you!!! :)

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bv gone really works...I been looking for a remedy for about 10 months until I came across this post. GMC 'ULTRA 30 BILLION CFUS PROBIOTIC COMPLEX WOMEN'S really works!!! I tried everything but only works temporary. I used peroxide water, apple cider, garlic, named it all...until I tried 'ULTRA 30 BILLION CFUS PROBIOTIC COMPLEX WOMEN'S...I took one about 1200 noon and in 3 hours...The smell was gone! I can't not believed...Thank you!



Does this probiotic also help with itchiness and swollenness, I also get those symptoms with my BV. Thanks!


Do you know of any cheaper brands other than GNC? I'm broke and suffering.


So I just bought this product today but I bought the 25 and not the 30 million will it still work the same?? And are you taking antibiotics with it??

Queen A

I bought the probiotics suggested and also purchased folic acid pills as well as cranberry pills. I've been suffering with BV as a ongoing health problem. Today is my first day of treatment. I will keep you posted. Question: Do I really really have to give up sugar in order to be successful with the treatment? And how long do I have to take the supplements? The Pro-B's are really expensive and I hope that the 30 day supply will suffice. Thanks for your advice with this embarrassing problem

just me

Fantastic product! It actually got rid of my symptoms. In order to get it shipped to canada I had to pay several times what its worth. It took a couple days, but cleared up completely. Decided after a week and a half I'd see what would happen if I stopped. After a week the symptoms came back, as bad as before. Restarted, and the symptoms disapeared in a couple days. I'm hoping this doesn't mean I have to continue taking them. I tried all gncs within driving distance and non carry them. The gnc canada website is either down or just not for ordering. So I was left with ebay as only one shipping to canada. And it got very expensive. Anyone else stop taking theirs?


Just took my first pill!! Fingers Crossed !! :) Thank you so much for this. This is the first post I actually have faith in and feel like will help!!!!


I bought this product a week ago and have seen great results. I have been taking 1 pill orally every 12 hours. I am still seeing some discharge with odor occasionally, not near as much as before but what can I do to make this stop? Is 2 a day too much?


Yessss!!!! Finally a safe effective non persciption cure for bacteria vaginosis an yeast infections!!!! Ias well as other women experienced the dreadful vaginal issues.... I can honestly say that ULTR 30 PROBIOTIC COMPLEX WOMENS REALLY WORKS!!!! AN IT WORKS WITH IN A FEW HOURS!!!! THANK GOD!!!!


Thank you sooo much I've had recurring bv since I was 19 I'm now 22. Also pregnant and have been looking for a safe alternative to prescription drugs. Flagyll makes me sick to the stomach. I have taken one of the probiotic pills from GNC and I can't even smell that agonizing stench of myself anymore and I have a pregnancy nose. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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