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I have been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for 3 years. I went to the doctor time after time and they would prescribe flagyl or clindamycin over and over, which worked as long as I was on the medicine, but it always came back shortly after finishing along with a yeast infection. I had been to the doctor so much, my doctor told me to stop coming unless something else was wrong. She said that some women just have discharge and it's nothing I can do about it. I went to a different doctor and they prescribed the same meds and so on and so forth. I have tried yogurt on a tampon while eating it everyday, apple cider vinegar orally and apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide douche, hydrogen peroxide and water douche, tea tree oil, wild oil of oregano, probiotics...... EVERYTHING!!! Finally, I decided to go to the GNC store to buy weight lost products and ran across 'ULTRA 30 BILLION CFUS PROBIOTIC COMPLEX WOMEN'S' there's a difference between these probiotics and the ones you buy in a regular store or pharmacy. Probiotics place good bacteria (like an army) in your body to fight off bad bacteria. The probiotics you buy in the store/pharmacy places bacteria in your GI tract, these probiotics from the GNC store places bacteria in your GI tract, vagina, and urinary tract. Also the one's in the store have 1-10 billion CFUs, these have 30 billion CFUs. If you try and take 3 pills of 10 billion CFUs, it still won't give you the same results as taking it all in one pill containing 30 billion CFUs. Also the one's in the store contain either lactobacillus acidophilus OR bifidobacterium bifidum. The one's from the GNC store contain lactobacillus acidophilus,lactobacillus gasseri, bifidobacterium bifidum, bifidobacterium animalis, lactis, & cranberry extract.. which means they are more potent and contain more ingredients to fight off the bad bacteria than all the other products and medicines. Before taking my first pill, I had so much discharge that I had to wear a panty liner daily (FYI) After taking my first pill, within 3 hours my discharge had COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY dried up and the dreadful smell was GONE. The next morning I noticed a very small amount coming back so I took another pill and it dried up completely again. Then I decided to take a pill every 12 hours to keep a therapeutic effect in my body, and the discharge and smell have not returned AT ALL FOR 2 MONTHS. I take them everyday every 12 hours like vitamins. I did research and your body can safely have 100 trillion CFUs of bacteria at one time, so taking 60 billion CFUs per day isn't harming anything and seems to be keeping a hold on my vaginal flora!!! I feel great and confident now on a daily basis and also when having sex with my husband. I fought this for years and really wanted to find a cure and I said that when I found one I would share it with the world for all the women who may be suffering like I did. Good luck and I promise if this worked for me I know it will work for you!!! :)

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I am in the same exact position as you! And the doctor did and told me the same exact thing! So I am going to try this because i have bad mine for 4-5 years and it does affect a lot! So I am going to try this! Thank you(:


thank you for this I'm going to try it as well. I have been plagued with BV since I was in my early teens…i'm in my 30's now almost 40…and the same thing. Doctors visit after doctors visit just to give me flagy and tell me there is nothing they can do but keep giving more poison. For it to only come back if I have sex, go running, stress, use tampons or wear certain underwear…it makes you constantly self conscious and feeling unclean…I'm definitely headed to the Vitamin Shop to buy this.


WOW ive been trying everything. Nothing has worked... So when I read this I figured it couldn't hurt. So off to GNC I went... well ladies this has worked so far for me as well... I feel like a new woman. Thank you so much. . Its been about 2 weeks. I feel so clean and refreshed


This really works!! I have had bv for over a year. I have been treated by my doctor twice but both times the bv would return a couple weeks later. It has gotten so bad that I have stopped having sex with my boyfriend because im so embarrassed of my smell..I have tried everything but nothing completely cleared it up. I've been so desperate to cure this I am willing to try anything! After reading this yesterday I went to gnc to buy the probiotics and by the morning my horrible smell and discharge had disappeared!! I have been taking 2000 IU vitamin d, echinacea to build my immune system and 400mg folic acid that I will continue to take just incase. I hope this works for everyone else who is suffering and thank you so much for posting :)


Thank you so much for suggesting this! Been struggling with this for several months. I have a question, though. Should my husband take these probiotics as well? We've read that BV can be transferred to him or that he could be a carrier or something along those lines...Just want to make sure we get rid of this thing. :) Thanks again for your information and help!


I want to thank whoever u are for this post....I havebeen struggling for a very long time....I took so much flagyl tht my body formed a resistance for the drug....I read this post in search of home remedies....btw....I've tried them I went to gnc today....I took one tablet before going to the gym....came home showered and I haven't seen any discharge and the smell is gone.....I sooooooooooo love u for this....whoever u are....thaaaaanx!!!!


I never ever post on anything, but I just wanted to say THANKYOU!! I have been at my wits end battling BV and stumbled across this post. I had nothing to lose so I took your advice. Within 3 hours I saw results. Day 3 now and its like I've never had bv. So, a big big BIG thank you. Cathy, Melbourne Australia.


Hi, I have the same problems since 6 months now, I would like to try the probiotic you said but I can't find in any GNC shop in UK, I try also to buy them on line but I can't. Anyone knows where to buy them in UK? Thank you :)


Thanks so very much for sharing this. I have suffered with bv for years, I'm 40 now and greatful it's finally gone. Again thanks so much for sharing.


I have also been battling BV for about a year and a half, my body has become immune to the antibiotics and I have tried pretty much every home remedy. Whoever posted this THANK YOU soo much!! I went to GNC last night and this morning I woke up and the horrible smell was gone, I was skeptical at first because I have tried so many things, but it WORKED!! Thanks again!!

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