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I am 50yrs old and over the past year, I had daily nosebleeds. I went to specialist and had nose cauterized. 3 weeks later it started bleeding again. Went to GP and got a round of antibiotics; same thing, worked for a while then started all over again. Then I read that hormonal changes can cause nose bleeds. That was interesting yet there was no solution. Do I wait it out? So here's what I did. Menopause can wreck havoc with your immune system because of the undo stress. To add to that, you body is 'drying'.... could that apply to the nose too? I continued my saline spray daily and bought zinc, Vit C and Vit D in little melt-away tabs that taste like sweet tarts. 6 weeks and I am cured. No hint of a nose bleed. I blow my nose whenever I need to and NO NOSE bleeds!! That was remarkable, truly remarkable. HOpe this helps someone out there.

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I am suffering also same thing I will try your tips.

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