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I have used this site twice, once for a lost filling, and another time for a cracked tooth. Both times I have had incredible amount of pain so some of the things that i have tried and worked for me are: The swishing around of whiskey/vodka will give temporary relief only like 20 to 30 min though, gargling with salt water may or may not help, any extract swished/ applied to sore tooth directly will give about 15 min of relief until it wears off, chewing garlic/ raw onion for 5 min both work incredibly well for me i got long lasting relief from both and i mean like 12 plus hours but the problem is i got like a chemical burn in my mouth from them that kinda sucked, the last thing i have tried and it works really well is packing the tooth that hurts with garlic powder it burns and hurts for a little while then the pain went away and have had about 3 hours relief.

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