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I used to always get an outbreak before or during my period or when I was very stressed. The only thing that has worked for me so far is taking very high doses of vitamin C when I felt like I might be getting an outbreak (itch, redness, little bump). I took about 4000 mg a day for 4-5 days BUT I spred them out throughout the day, taking 1000mg in the morning, noon, afternoon & at night. For the rest of the time I took 2000 mg a day. I've heard people taking even more but the 4000 has worked for me. I started taking the vitamin C 3 months ago and so far it has prevented an outbreak from coming out. I bought the vitamin C pills from GNC, but any should work.

If you have a lesion, you can also crush vitamin C, put a little water to make a paste and then put it on the lesion(s). It stings a bit but it should help them heal faster. Hope this helps.

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