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Marianne Hockmen

I have found a product for a natural remedy to prevent the onset of stretch marks and scarring of any kind if used as directed (regularly and prior to problem happening). It's called ElastiSkin Oil. It gives your skin the elasticity needed for your skin to expand during pregnancy and during fluctuating weight gain/loss. I have used it for decades and not one mark. My husband used to be a body builder and also used it during traing sessions on a regualr basis and not one mark has set into his skin. good for teens and growing toddlers too, because they experience rapid weight gain and growth. This product is all natural and I have used it on my children with no negative side effects. They have beautiful soft skin, too! try it! i found this product long before they had a website for it, but now I'm glad they have one because it makes it easier to order. It's you won't regret it.

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J Elasti

Yes - I too think elastiskin oil is great. I used to use snake oil now I use elastiskin oil and it is much better. I can walk, hallejulah!, I can walk!!


Hey, my name is Jessica, and i am going through my first pregnancy... so as u might know i have stretch marks on my stomach and breasts. i would prefer them gone and i am trying all different types of creams, I am just wondering where i can find ElastiSkin Oil... and also if it really works. you can email me back at
thank you so much!


hi, i am nina.tell me from where i canhave the elastiskin oil. i am in the real need of it.i hav stretch on my thighs,breasts and belly. i m really depressed abt them. plz tell me how to get this elastiskin oil?? do reply me at


I have been unsuccessful in pulling up the website Is this the correct website?


Hi, my name's vanessa. I've tried to log on to the website but it's as if the site does not exist. are u sure that this is the right web address?


you might just want to google it.

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