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Doctors will usually try to put you on a low-fiber diet. The exact opposite is required to cure yourself of colitis. Doctors will try to keep your colitis going so that they can continue to keep you on the drugs and steroids, and possibly end up hospitalizing you, or killing you, which makes a killing for them. Steroids may decrease inflammation, but they also decrease your ability to fight infections and can possibly take such a toll on your immune system that you become dangerously ill or even die. Doctors do not tell you this. I almost died of blood poisoning because I was on steroids and was unable to fight the infection. It wasn't until I got out of the hospital and got off of all medication that I began to heal. If you do not go to the root of the problem and do not change your diet and keep it changed, if you choose to remain on the medication and steroids, then you are guaranteed to remain ill or have frequent flare-ups.

Some of these have been said before, but I will attest that they do cure colitis: lots of fiber, raw fruits and vegetables, psyllium seed/husk, lots of water, bromelain, slippery elm, acidophilus/probiotics, enzymes, and reduced stress.

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I think it is all good advice because I think all of us are different and we have to find what works for you... And knowing what other people try and helps them can also give you some direction to on what to try or not to try.

Lizabelle U.

Coming from a premedical student that has had Ulcerative Colitis for the past 9 years I can tell you that doctors are not out to keep you ill. Of course they are going to push for the new age pharmaceuticals that seem to work for a good portion of the population, but, overall, the majority would like to help put you into remission.
As for my own personal experience, I have been in remission for no more than a year within the last 9 years with my disease. I finally went of Remicade and I will attest to the fact that it was a miracle drug for my poor colon! I was in perfect health for a few months, but turns out I'm allergic after 5 infusions so no more Remicade!
As for my cure all, I have yet to find it, but I will say this:
-any raw fruits or vegetables are awful unless they are softened and not eaten on an empty stomach
-high fiber is not great for my colitis because my problem is not diarrhea (urgency and discomfort is mine)
-green tea has been amazing
-lots of water is very helpful
-NO: dairy, red meat, chocolate, chips, nuts, caffeine, fried foods, high fatty foods of any sort
-and EXERCISE! People forget this. It is incredibly important for your health and helps my colitis! Hard to do with a flare up, but working at home work too!
I assume that I'll find something that puts me in remission once again, but I have yet to get there completely. I trust my doctor and know he's trying as hard as I am to get me healthy. Hopefully I'll be a successful physician at the ends of my medical education. No need to hate on doctors, just do what's good for yourself, physicians, herbalists, nutritionists included or not.

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