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Slice a raw onion and put the slice on the affected area of gum or on affected tooth. I found this on another website and used it and it worked wonders! Thank God, it was the middle of the night on the weekend, I didn't know how I was going to make it until Monday. Who knew, what 8 Advil and a bottle of Orajel couldn't touch, 1 slice of onion fixed almost instantly!

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boy did it smart when i threw that cold onion on my sore tooth. but the relief was spectacular.

i found this tip while searching for a midnight solution with tears of pain running out of my eyes. im so relieved that fresh onion could help me head up to bed. ive got to work tommorrow.


Boy that onion does work. It took 5 mins to work. I'm all better. I can't believe a onion can help a tooth ache....


i've tried this and the ice water and ice on the palm of my hand and nothing has helped me yet i've had about 3 vicodin, 4 tynol and 2 darveset. i did use a heating pad and it put me right to sleep but as soon as i moved i woke up with pain all over again.....


Ok, I thought I was in pain before,am in worse pain since I tried the onion... ugh!!


Worked for me!! Thanx!!!


i have been up for several hours in horrible pregnant so theres not a lot of anyhitng i can try but this was affective in relieving most of the pain. thank you now i can get some sleep!


thanks so much, i have had a tooth ache all day and i have been miserable. im 2 months pregnant so i dont want to take any pills. i tried the onion thing and i have felt better than i have felt all day, thank you again so much.


The Onion worked for me. Like the other post said, the throbing is still there but not the sharp nerv twisting feeling.My eyes can rest now. Thank you.

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