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near instant relief:

This works better and faster than anything else I've tried. I found that taking a baby asprin and placing it into the dry socket (or hole in my tooth) and then just letting it dissolve works wonders. Or if there's no hole just let it dissolve as close to the pain as possible (or bite down on it and hold while it dissolves.

They taste pretty good too!

I have several really bad teeth right now (and no $ or insurance quite yet) and sometimes it takes several baby asprins, but most times just one! And when my pain hits nowadays it about brings me to my knees.

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I feel like you should know that topical application of aspirin can cause an aspirin burn on the skin. Aspirin is acidic and is not safe to be placed on the skin's surface.


Baby asprin sounds good. Wish I would have known but I burnt the inside of my mouth with asprin. My toothache started on Friday evening. By Saturday morning it was absessed. Started putting asprin on it (every few hours or so) and it burnt my cheek, tongue, gums, etc. I have also heard of swishing in Jack Daniels Whiskey to draw out the infection. Anybody else?

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